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  • Listening to: The keyboard go "click click click"
  • Reading: This post as I write it
  • Watching: The computer screen
  • Playing: With myself
  • Eating: Souls
  • Drinking: Folgers
The best part of waking up is having the ability to read the obituaries. Not being dead is pretty neat.
...Folgers is also nice.

Greetings from the Desk of Hoyle,

I'd like to start by saying there are no skins on Deviant Art that I like, so you get green.

I am writing this journal to inform that a few pieces of fiction are on the way. This month, featured in the Horrotica Magazine Yule Edition, a story titled "The Sole Diary of Robert Parker" will appear. From its beginning line, "Jeffry Dahmer inspired my work" to its final statement of a taste most divine, this story is quite disturbing to the point of tickling the gag-reflex if I do say so myself.
At some point after the New Year, the Bete Noire anthology For All Eternity, a collection of short stories, each having to do with one of the Seven Deadly Sins will be unleashed onto the world, keeping safe within its pages a story titled "Lecherous" about a young homosexual who enjoys the risk of meeting men online for one-night stands and eventually finds himself in a most horrific situation.

I'm also happy to say that in April of 2013, my second contribution to Infernal Ink Magazine, a non-fiction piece titled "Sharky" will be available. The first Infernal Ink piece, titled "The Zone" has been out since October of this year. Another, short-short story titled "Fine Day" is available on Black Petals (see link below).
Well, there is more stuff on the way, but it is not quite time to start talking about any of it. I'll see you in another journal entry.

--Keep your teeth clean.

Black Petals for "Fine Day"…

Infernal Ink for "The Zone"…
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December 11, 2012


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